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estimation of cost, business-planning, analysis of solvency
бизнес-планирование, анализ платежеспособности, оценка стоимости


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Carrying out of scientific researches in the field of economics, finance, management and state regulation in civil aviation

The most important scientific discoveries of the Research and Consulting Centre Aeroprogress are connected with the industry of civil aviation which since 1991 has been using many our methods and developments. Our employees are leading specialists in the field and they all have degrees. Some of their publications can be found on our site.

The high authority of our specialists and the quality of our services are conditioned by the fact that the employees of the SMC Aeroprogress have done a bulk of scientific researches of privatization and state property management, production and business restructuring, fiscal and economical analysis and economical recovery, prognosis of bankrupt, valuation and company selling price control, generation of normative base of state regulation.

Nowadays the industry uses a number of normative and methodological documents elaborated and implemented by the Aeroprogress. Among them are The Basic Principles of Dividing an Avia-enterprise into Independent Avia-company and Airport, and Singling Out Departments Connected with Providing the Universal System of Air Transport Control into a State Service June 22 1994 (the common decision of the Russian Ministry of Property and the Ministry of Transport); the Statute on the Airports of the Russian Federation November 1 1995 (the order of the Russian Ministry of Transport); the Recommendations on Procedures of Fiscal and Economic Control of Works on Certification and Licensing in Civil Aviation July 20 2000 (the order of the Russian Federal; Service of the Air Transport).


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