Ќћ÷ "јэропрогресс"
estimation of cost, business-planning, analysis of solvency
бизнес-планирование, анализ платежеспособности, оценка стоимости


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Development of external management plans and economic recovery

For more than ten years we have been working in the sphere of fiscal and economic examination and consulting, and for more than five years Ц in the sphere of expert-analytical and methodological accompanying of bankruptcy procedures. During this period we have done a considerable number of missions ordered by arbitral managers, creditor committees and the Federal service of economic recovery. We have gained a unique experience of elaborating various expert documents:

  • plans (programmes) of property and business restructuring
  • plans (programmes) of pre-trial reorganization (restoring creditworthiness)
  • external management plans
  • economic recovery plans
  • rapid analysis of external management plans and economic recovery plans on the ratification stage


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