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estimation of cost, business-planning, analysis of solvency
бизнес-планирование, анализ платежеспособности, оценка стоимости


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Development of business plans and motivation fro investments

For more than ten year activity in the field of fiscal and economic examination and consulting our organization has gained a considerable practical experience, has created a significant information methodological and statistical data base for elaborating business plans and other similar documents for various purposes:

  • business plans of production development
  • investment plans (programmes) for motivating investments (basic funds, blocks of shares and other long-term investments) on the stage of making decisions about the size and conditions of investing
  • estimation of investment projects effectiveness
  • business plans (programmes, projects) of crediting deals of  main fund buying
  • rapid analysis of business plans and investment programmes on the ratification stage
  • business plans (programmes, projects) of leasing or renting main funds


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