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estimation of cost, business-planning, analysis of solvency
бизнес-планирование, анализ платежеспособности, оценка стоимости


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Valuation of property (selling price), business and shares

For more than ten year activity in the field of fiscal and economic examination and consulting our organization has gained a considerable practical experience, has created a significant methodological and statistical data base for effective independent valuation of property selling price. Also valuation of:

  • real estate including buildings, living quarters and idle premises
  • production technical complexes including technology lines, airfields, airports
  • vehicles and equipment including aircrafts and avia-engines, air transport, special transport
  • enterprises, business, shares
  • concessions of rights of claim (debts etc)
  • rights for intellectual property including trade marks, software, data bases
  • non-liquid assets including business reputation, good will, know-how
  • other types of property and property rights including selling price of state property rent

Valuation of property done by an independent appraiser is necessary in the following situations:

  • realization (alienation) of state and municipal property including privatization
  • realization (alienation) of property of ventures with a state share including privatization
  • alienation (realization, handover, replacement) of assets, business, rights of claim, commercial rights of a bankrupt enterprise in the frames of bankrupt procedures (procedures of external management, economic recovery, competition production)
  • creation of authorized capital of joint ventures and limited companies with the help of non-monetary resources (property investments, commercial rights, intellectual property etc.)
  • placement or buyout of shares (blocks of shares) and other bonds of joint ventures
  • providing implementation of decisions made by the enterprise board on restructuring of property and business


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