estimation of cost, business-planning, analysis of solvency
бизнес-планирование, анализ платежеспособности, оценка стоимости


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 Forecasting future financial responsibility (bankruptcy risk) of an air enterprise
Elaborating and implementing objective methods of forecasting bankruptcy risk of an economic entity occupies an important place in the frames of market economy functioning. The sphere of implementation of these instruments and consumers interested in the information got by using them are credit offices and commercial creditors, lessors and bailors, assurance companies, suppliers of goods, services and other long-term partners, shareholders, enterprise investors, organs of state regulation responsible for elaborating and pursuing a state policy in the corresponding industry or region...

 Is it possible to correctly estimate the value of a Russian air company?
The world practice has shown that it is possible to approximately valuate a business when you know the capitalization of the given company and use mathematic formulae connected with this parameter...



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