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 Do you work only for civil aviation?

No. We are indisputable leaders in the air transport industry, but for more than five years we have been rendering services to other industries.

 Another company asked a half as large price for estimating my business. What are the reasons for such a considerable difference?

The market of valuation and consulting services has a significant number of companies working on a low quality level for dumping prices. Without a thorough choice of a valuation company you not only may get an inadequate valuation but also some deals which use improper valuation reports may be annulled (by claims of your rivals).

Due to our brilliant professional experience and information methodological data base we can keep prices that are lower than average prices for the same services.

The activity of the research and consulting centre Aeroprogress has successfully passed many examinations (including those initiated by our clients). Neither of our clients regretted working with us.

 Do you have discounts for your regular clients?

Yes, we are practicing an individual approach, we remember all our clients. You can make us a proposal concerning price adjustment, and basing on the character of your previous orders and the urgency and complexity of the new one we will propose you a corresponding plan.

 Do you work only with Russian companies?

No, but we work only in the Russian Federation. At this among our clients are both joint ventures and Russians representatives of foreign companies and foreign companies themselves if they are interested in business activity in Russia. For example, some time ago we worked with branch companies of Shell.

 Is it possible to send me the contract documentation and the list of initial information needed using the Internet?

Yes. Send your request to

 We have some interesting materials. Can we publish them on your site?

To do this, contact our PR department ( ).

 Can we publish your articles from the Publications section on our site?

Yes. You can do it for free, but you must allocate the direct link on each page of the material taken from our site. It is prohibited to use Java links.

Any other type of publication (including the off-line) can be realized only on a written permission of all the authors of the article you want. Otherwise you would be prosecuted in accordance with the actual criminal law up to closing your site and imposing a fine.

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