estimation of cost, business-planning, analysis of solvency
бизнес-планирование, анализ платежеспособности, оценка стоимости


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About us

Aeroprogress has been carrying out scientific researches and renders consulting services in the sphere of management, economy and finance since 1991.

On the basis of long and successful activity we have developed unique statistical, informational, analytical and methodological data bases. We have acquired rich practical experience of expert activity in the sphere of fiscal and economical analysis and business planning, restructuring and financial recovery, market valuation of real estate, technical and production complexes, vehicles, equipment, aircrafts and airport objects, businesses. It has developed into elaborating and introducing a number of normative documents of economic regulation of business activities, scientific researches and articles.

Our central office is in Moscow, but we have clients in 89 regions of Russia.

Annually many Russian enterprises including affiliated foreign structures come to us to get qualified services and advice in property price valuation, business and legal rights estimation, business planning, fiscal and economical analysis and examination.

The biggest amount of work has been done for Air Transport enterprises and the Rosaviakosmos system. But for more than five years we have been successfully working in other industries. For instance, among our civil clients there are such well-known companies as Aeroflot – Russian Airlines, SCC Russia, Transaero, Pulkovo, Sibir, Sheremet’evo International Airport, Gazpromavia, Lukoil-Avia, Vnukovo Airport, Domodedovo International Airport. In the sphere of methodological accompanying of bankruptcy procedures (development of external management plans, estimation of selling price) we consulted Kaliningradavia, Buryatskie Avialinii, Aerokusnetsk, Nizhegorodskie Avialinii, Kemerovskoe Aviapredpriyatie etc. Among the clients from other industries we would like to mention Baikonur, Shell and Aerofuels, Inna Tour, Belomorles, the Investbank and Finanstorgbank business banks.

We have the necessary information, experience and opportunities to render your enterprise professional services, and we are ready for cooperation in those branches of fiscal and economic examination, valuation, business planning and consulting you are interested at.



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